May 05

HTC Meta Data Extortion

So I have been using an HTC One and loving it still. There are many features I really enjoy. One of my favorites is the remote control feature. I even did a little blog post about it a while back.

I have been using my phone as my remote consistently since the dog chewed up the primary receiver remote. I could care less about the listings feature. The value of the factory installed app is that it uses the IR to control different devices. It was actually one of the handiest apps on my phone. Well a few weeks ago I saw something about HTC changing the TV app to some new app called Peel on Android Central. Android Central Article

I didn’t think too much of it. The app was a factory installed app. I don’t need the listing services so no need to update.

Well today I went to turn on my DTV receiver and was greeted by a new screen prompting me to install Peel. It also blocked use to native TV remote application. I clicked on the “install Peel” link and this is what I found.


Meta Data
I do NOT believe that me turning on my TV requires me to hand over this level of meta data. It is really quite extreme. I just want a working TV remote control. Like the one that was there when I purchased the phone.

So in conclusion: HTC, I consider this a huge fail on your part and I can assure you that your business practices will affect my future purchases.

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