Year one of Google Glass

This is an overview of my year as a Google Glass Explorer.

In February of 2013 I entered the #ifihadglass contest with the following entry.

#ifihadglass entry

A little over a month after submitting the entry I received a notification from Google letting me know that I had been accepted into the Explorer program.  After several months of waiting I finally was able to set an appointment to go into Google for my fitting.  On Jun 9th I was finally the proud owner of Google Glass.

San Fermin – Running of the Bulls #throughglass

Within a few days of receiving my Google Glass I submitted an entry for the opportunity to go experience San Fermin through Glass. As you can see I am passionate about Spain ever since I walked the Camino Santiago in 2012.


San Fermin was quite possibly the most amazing experience. When I got back home I realized this was the first event I had ever attended and taken this many pictures and videos. This was my first big lesson about how Glass allows you to stay in the moment enjoying your experiences and also capture them without having to fumble with cameras and breaking the moment.

One of several webcasts that I helped to host.

A cooking demonstration from the chef of Baluarte.

A montage of footage shot with Google Glass during San Fermin.

In fact one image I took with Glass has been featured on the official Google Glass Instagram account as well as voted one of the top ten images taken with Glass.  I am by no means a professional photographer but with Google Glass I am able to capture amazing images.

Hot air balloon ride in Pamplona Spain during San Fermin

Hot air balloon ride in Pamplona Spain during San Fermin

Business in Spain

After San Fermin I went to Barcelona where I showed Google Glass to several marketing agencies and technology companies.  I also was interviewed by La Vangardia

Marriage Proposal

In August I used Google Glass on a road trip where again I managed to capture moments that with other devices would have been impossible. I made a detour on my journey to visit a dear friend of mine.  While we were having lunch her boyfriend asked me if I could stay in town another day because he was having a family get together the next day and was planning on proposing. Of course I agreed and asked him to let me know before he proposed so I could capture the moment on video.  Well he forgot to tell me before he dropped to his knee the next day. Because it is so easy to start a video I was able to do so quickly enough to record the whole proposal on Glass.   Immediately after the moment was over her brother spoke up and said, “I really wish someone had gotten that on video.”  It is moments like these that make Glass more then a gadget.


Featured on Glass Stories

Interviewed by Laptop Magazine.

Spreecast with Cecila Abadie and Mitch Jackson

Interviewed by

Women Hacking Glass

Is a meetup for women interested in Google Glass development. I have been participating in this group since the initial meetup Sept. 2013.  The first meetup was covered by KQED I have since become an organizer for the monthly meetups. We have helped set up development environments while working with GDK and Mirror API.  Our meeting alternate between San Francisco and Mountain View to accommodate the most women possible.

Consulting: Emerging Technologies, Google Glass, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blended Learning, & Remote Learning.

In January 2014 Hogeschool Utrecht hired me to come to the Netherlands to consult with them about emerging technologies. During my visit to the Netherlands I:

  • Consulted with the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam head of  Education & Visitor Services about interactive technologies and how the museum can implement them. We also looked at the role wearables such as Glass to create and explore.
  • I was in the operating room with two pairs of Google Glass for a cesarean section to explore how Google Glass can be used in medicine.  We put one pair of Glass on the Surgeon and the second we put on the father for the majority of the procedure. It was a most amazing experience to witness the birth of this child.
  • Gave a speech about Google Glass to approximately 200 students about Google Glass. I explained the hardware and functionality of Glass and gave a full demonstration of the features.
  • I also gave another demonstration of Google Glass to the faculty of During this demonstration we focused on how Google Glass could be used in the education environment. I gave all the professors a chance to use Glass and experience it first hand.
  • Consulted with the Holten Business Group about potential use case scenarios for Google Glass.
  • Helped to script and produce a promotional video for Hogeschool Utrecht. I am also in the video playing the part of a science teacher.
  • Impressions from a meeting with an archaeology professor about Google Glass and education.

AWE Hackathon –

Took part in Augmented World Expo 2014 Hackathon. Was Team leader for team HUDhowto. As part of a five person team we were able to come up with a concept that solved a real world problem and develop an application to solve that problem.  Our team decided to bring how to documentation, manuals, and tutorial videos into a hands free environment. We made an interface that allows users to upload and segment the steps of their videos. We made an android based application that will run on Google Glass, Epson Moverio, & Optinvent ORA allowing you to watch each step of the how to video. The UI also allows for the user to easily re-watch a step or connect directly into tech support via video call. We were able to develop all this and completely brand our product within the 36 hours in which we had to work. HUDhowto was presented with an Auggie Award for Best Hack. See the Official Press Release for more information.

Liza Gere accepting the Auggie Award for Best Hack

Liza Gere accepting the Auggie Award for Best Hack


Team HUDhowto being interviewed by Joe Rampolla of


Currently I am building a start up venture to develop applications for wearable devices. I recently registered a California Corporation and am looking for investors to help launch our Glassware.

Final Thoughts

As a Glass Explorer I have encountered and shared Glass with people from all over the world. Through these experiences I have been enriched as a person. I have met hundreds of people because of Glass and what an amazing ice breaker it is. I have experience with Google Glass in both personal use case scenarios and professional use case scenarios. It has also made me much more aware of privacy rules around the world. It has opened a whole new dialog about living a transparent life. It has become a tool to help change the world. I am thankful to have been a part of all these amazing experiences that have enhanced my life.