The warrior of light remembers a passage from John Bunyan:
‘Although I have been through all that I have, I do not regret the many
hardships I met, because it was they who brought me to the place I wished to reach.
Now all I have is this sword and I give it to whomever wishes to continue his
pilgrimage. I carry with me the marks and scars of battles – they are the witnesses of
what I suffered and the rewards of what I conquered.
These are the beloved marks and scars that will open the gates of Paradise to
me. There was a time when I used to listen to tales of bravery. There was a time when
I lived only because I needed to live. But now I live because I am a warrior and
because I wish one day to be in the company of Him for whom I have fought so hard.’  – The Warrior of Light – Paulo Coelho

Sep 12

Camino Santiago Inspiration

Last year I walked the Camino Santiago de Compostella. I started in Pamplona and was only able to walk to Cizur Menor.  If you are interested in reading the full story of my journey I wrote a blog while walking. This summer while I was in Spain I had the opportunity to not only go back to the place I spent my first night on the Camino but I was also able to interview a very nice pilgrim while I was there.

For me, the Camino was a very healing experience. It was quite honestly the best thing I have ever done for myself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. If you are curious why I walked the Camino read this.