Jan 07

Score 1 for the Power of Hugs

There was one unfamiliar voice among the group last night.  I might not have noticed immediately except in the background he had some sort of rage music playing.  Several requests were proffered in attempt to have him turn it out.  At this point he start talking about how good it was and how it was his favorite.   There was some general teasing that occurred.  Everyone was clearly not enjoying the music.  So I asked why the music was so important.  The young man (17?) then started to express how much hate he had for his family and how he wished they would die.  His language was hyper aggressive and he was very adamant about his position of hate.

It was at this point I decided to see if the energy could be shifted into a more positive light.  “You know what I think?  I think you just need some love.  In fact I think you also need a hug so I am sending you a virtual hug”  It was at this point something interesting happened.  Everyone that was in the game started telling this guy they were sending him hugs and love.  Everyone sent him a message with the word love written in it as people were taking turns telling him how they would hug him.  

Then the music changed.  The messages changed.  The anger/rage subsided and in it’s place was a young man that was vulnerable and saying that deep down he really did just want to love and be loved.  In fact it was such a profound shift of energy he stopped playing the video game and started sending people in the party loving and kind messages for the rest of the next two matches of the game.  

winScore 1 for the power of a hug!

“The true meaning of Love. Something no human can live without for it’s the true meaning of happiness for it’s what gives us something to live for and carry on in our life’s for love is in all our hearts and so we must share it with others in need of it”  -LittleExRageMonkey*

This is a small excerpt of what he messaged to me.


*Name changed for privacy