Mar 31

Google Glass en masse!

Recently there has been some negative publicity surrounding Google Glass. Various restaurants and bars have banned Glass from their premesis without ever having had access to the technology. Along comes Stanford Court, a hotel, in San Francisco that decided to take a completely different approach. The following is the original article that was posted at

Nob Hill hotel bar actually wants you to use Google Glass

Stanford Court, a boutique hotel in Nob Hill, wants one of San Francisco’s more recently established fringe populations to feel welcome. Starting today, the hotel will treat patrons accessorized by Google Glass to a complimentary cocktail at the hotel lobby bar, the Aurea Lounge. “The complimentary drink is geared toward the local tech crowd who own a pair, and might feel like an outcast or nuisance due to the recent string of negative press,” said a hotel spokesperson via e-mail. “[We] want them to feel at home.” To the Tech Chronicles’ knowledge, Stanford Court is the first establishment to begin catering to Glass-wearers after a woman said she was attacked outside of Haight Street bar Molotov for wearing the device. The incident was the first violent clash in San Francisco over Google Glass. Michael Baier, general manager of the Stanford Court, said that after reading about the alleged altercation, the hotel wanted to show support for the new technology. “We thought why don’t we invite people who wear Google Glass over here,” he said. The hotel said it has only had a few Glass-wearing patrons so far, but it is betting that will change. It was purchased recently from Marriott and the new management is intent on catering to the tech set — including having iPads and iMacs on hand for guests and plans to install a “tech bar” in the lobby. (The overhaul also apparently includes decor, according to photos sent over by the hotel showing keyboard-themed pillows.) The hotel even plans to offer a Google Glass package to guests in the future, which would include an overnight stay and Glass access (the hotel has scored a couple of pairs itself). Under the new ownership, the hotel wants to encourage guests to “experience the authentic San Francisco,” and Glass, it said, “encapsulates all that is exciting with technology and innovation in the SF Bay Area.” To cash in on the deal, Glass enthusiasts must take a photo of either the hotel or their drink and post it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagam with the hashtag #stanfordcourt.

After this was posted a new thread started in the SoGE (Society of Glass Enthusiasts) on Google+ about possibly having a meetup at Stanford Court. All the Explorers agreed that we wanted to support their business since they have been so gracious to extend such a warm welcome and a free cocktail. After the initial buzz an official event was posted in the thread.  Usually these meetups tend to have about 6 to 10 Explorers but within a few hours the numbers had jumped to over 30!  Since there were so many people wanting to attend this meetup we decided it would be a good idea to call Stanford Court and give them a heads up to the number of people coming that evening.  So +Libby Chang called to let them know at which point they gave the Explorers the added bonus of free appetizers. Another Explorer, +Keith Barrett also requested terms free Wi-Fi for the evening. Stanford Court was kind enough to set it up so Glass Explorers didn’t need to use their phone to connect to the Wi-Fi.  That was so unexpected and kind. So before even going to visit Stanford Court I was highly impressed at the level of hospitality and welcoming nature.

en masse [ahn mas, en; French ahn mas] noun in a mass; all together; as a group: The people rushed to the gate en masse. adv in a group, body, or mass; as a whole; all together

Google Glass meetup at Stanford Court

SoGE Group picture at Stanford Court

It was a truly wonderful experience to meet Explorers from around the USA that I have been communicating with since last year.  I have gone to several smaller Glass meetups and had the opportunity to spend time with Explorers at various development talks. This was a strictly social meetup so it was a nice change of pace. Some people in from the Explorer group had never had the opportunity to meet up with other Glass users in person. When it was all said and done over 50 Explorers had come. This was quite possibly one of the biggest Explorer meetups outside of Google hosted events. A few Google employees even came to check out the fun.

The meetup took place in the bar/tech area of Stanford Court.  The atmosphere was simply amazing. If you are travelling and need a great tech friendly hotel to stay at I would highly recommend Stanford Court. The staff were all extremely polite and helpful. The atmosphere in the bar is great with the subtle lighting changes that take place in the ceiling dome. Charging outlets are plentiful. Stanford Court gets a full five stars in my book! Thank you #StanfordCourt

Google Glass + Stanford Court = <3