Mar 21

Quick and easy Layar installation for Google Glass

Here is the easy way to get Layar installed on Glass. Layar has official install instructions but by using the ChromeADB it will be a lot faster and easier. If you already have ADB install you can skip steps 2&3.

  1. Download the .apk file from Layar
  2. On your Glass, turn on Debug mode by going to Settings > Device Info and tapping “Turn on Debug”.
  3. Download and install Android SDK for your platform (needed for ADB connection)
  4. Install ChromeADB by +Brick Simple
  5. Plug your Glass into your computer
  6. Open a terminal and type “adb start-server”
  7. Launch ChromeADB from Google chrome 
  8. Click the “Install package” and select the Layar APK downloaded in step 1

Once you are ready to disconnect your Glass from your computer you can use the terminal to run the “adb kill-server” command.

You should now be able to launch Layar by saying “Ok, Glass” “Scan this