Join me at GITPRO World Conference 2016

I will be presenting at GITPRO World Conference 2016 on April 23rd.

Creating Fun with Wearables, IoT, & MQTT

The purpose of this talk is to inspire an exploration of creativity utilizing the skills you already have and maybe some new ones to create and have fun doing it.  This is a 30 minute talk that is designed for all skill levels.  So if you are new to Wearables and IoT or an old pro just looking for new ways to think about things this talk is for you.

During this talk I will be presenting an interactive experience with a one of a kind wearable and discuss how I turned the wearable into an IoT device using MQTT.  I will discuss the path I traveled to create something new and how you can do the same thing.  This talk will also explore how to use your expanded skill sets in your projects.  

Explore, Create, & Play…Start today.

To register for this conference please visit the even site: GITPRO World Conference

GITPRO World Conference 2016

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