contactThe air was crisp and abnormally clean today. In fact it was the first day in over two weeks there wasn’t a SevAIR alert. Inhaling deeply she got down to the business at hand. Just like a shooter holds their breath for the second before firing she was holding hers without even realizing it. Reaching up to her face she closed her eyelid and brushed the back of her index finger from the inside of the lid to the outside. Wanting zero distractions to interrupt her concentration the contact that normally fed her a barrage of information was turned off. Under normal circumstances it would have been put into a rest mode of sorts that still fed critical updates but now was not the time.

He watched her as she turned her head and focused on the couple across the Space broke away from conversing with each other and began talking in Slango. Obviously they didn’t want their conversation overheard. With laser focus she watched their hands. Slango was a language unto itself. Although it isn’t really a language at all, more like an interpretation of intention.

Having been one of the developers of the air motion technology it was like second nature. She watched the series of hand motions. Swipes, flicks, simulated taps, and a variety of other motions that gave various commands to the unseen receivers catching the smallest vibrations and sending the interpretations to the other person’s Contac. It was really all just meta but if you watched close enough you could gather enough information about the information being sent that you didn’t really need to see it. The current part of their conversation was heavily referencing several databases. Not just any database either. They referenced PepID several times. Usually the only time people needed to access that one anymore was to find someone that had gotten lost or had been misidentified. For the most part finding someone was as simple as feeding a name into your Contac. That combined with your personal meta cloud was usually sufficient to locate just about any person on earth.

Their silent conversation continued. He watched her in amazement as she worked. He marveled at her focus. Only now and then she made a small gesture with her own hands. He didn’t know what it was but assumed she was taking notes. He had seen her shut off her own feed and knew she wasn’t responding to something.

The couple immediately stood up and shook hands and departed in different directions. He watched her close her right eye again and reach up with the back of her finger. This time instead of a simple swipe across the back of her lid she did a small series of motions. The feed came alive. She immediately pushed all her offline notes together and with a slight flick of the wrist it was uploaded to her feed.

Multiple indexes jumped up before her eyes. Then the stream really started. One of the solid pieces of information she was able to pull from the Slango was name, Johan. That was easy because there was a clarification between the two people over the spelling. “It’s a good thing neither of them were left handed” she said absentmindedly. Slango was interesting because there were some universal gestures and some custom that were unique to just the user. However just like any other language it all just comes down to a series of repetitive actions. Once understood or in this case felt they could be translated.

She pushed the report to him with a gentle hand motion. Anyone in the vicinity could pick up that queue and would know she was sending him information. “Sent you the info” She said even though she knew it was already in his Contac.

She watched with silent fascination as he read the report. She could see the subtle lines in his face change from relaxed to tense. It took him all of two minutes to read the outline. To read all the information would take a good two days. Most of the information was extraneous and was just included for the benefit of the client. It was always better to give them more information. For some reason people seemed to put a higher value on more. From experience she knew that the summary was almost always more then enough. But this was about value. She charged 10 billion credits for those ten minutes of information gathering. Although well over five years salary for most people it was her fee. So far every client had been satisfied and when she had started including the extended information dump her reviews had skyrocketed. It was good to have happy clients she mused. Deep down she knew it didn’t really matter because there weren’t many people that could fluently interpret Slango without some sort of auxiliary device. Those devices were basically worthless now because most people had an vibe block that alerted them to people listening to their airspace.

He gave a small turn of his mouth to the upward position. “Thank you. I will be sure to submit a review”. He pushed a small card across the table which she immediately picked up and read. The moment she looked at she also received a notification that the funds had been dumped into her account. Transaction complete.

“Right on” she said as she got up from the bench and dropped her board to the ground. “Later gator” she said as she sped away. She didn’t have to look back to know the look that was on his face as she had seen it many times and why “Later gator” was a constant in her vocabulary.