Removed from Memory

Removed from memory


By the time Y.T. arrived home her queue was maxed out.  Everything over the 3 Teraflop limit wouldn’t be processed until she cleared out some of the current information.  She immediately initiated her “work smarter” helper on her Contac. Within just a moment she could smell the fresh scent of coffee and instantly felt invigorated and ready to dig in.   

First she began an extensive search of her previous client and both of the people she had observed discussing Johan.  Next she submitted the search for Mr. Reuben.  Once she had requested the information she immediately began scanning all the data.  Most of what she was seeing was extraneous information the had no relevance.  Then she ran a special piece of code that would cross reference any social connections any of these people might share.  The program would not only scan every social networking site for those connections it would also aggregate geo location information.

Pulling her coffee cup out of the Processor she settled into her captain’s chair and threw her feet up on the desk.  

“Preliminary Sort”  She instructed the AI as she sipped on the fresh hot coffee.

“Autoarchive low level sort”  The low level information was usually was usually so far removed from the central request that it could be safely offloaded to storage.  It was extremely rare she ever referenced that information.  As she thought about it she realized she never utilized anything from her low level sorts.  The AI was that good.  Maybe it was time to tell the AI to just trash that low level stuff from now on.  

“Owl, from now on all low level sort items…” as she said this her voice tapered off.  She read the blurb on her Contact

Coded link db34 in PepID has been removed from memory.  

This was a first.  She had never seen anything removed from memory before.  

“Prioritize external references to db34”

Immediately multiple records appeared.  Removing her feet from the desk she leaned forward as if getting closer to the screen would get the information into her brain faster.  

“Highlight record reference” Instantly she could see the same message in each record where the data was supposed to be.

Coded link db34 in PepID has been removed from memory.

“Search everything for this error”  This meant she would again have to expand past the data she had already downloaded.  

“Then compare to records currently highlighted.”

Taking another sip of the coffee she leaned back a bit.  

“Ask House Of Static if anyone has heard of links being removed from memory at PepID”  The House of Static was what her hacker group assembled under.  It was a fast way of asking all the brainiacs out there at once.

The timer told her it would be a little over three hours before it would be finished.  Already Y.T was starting to get bored of sitting still and doing the mundane tasks.  All she really wanted to do was go show off her new Bauble to her friends.

Normally Y.T. could care less how she looked or what people thought of her but today was different. Today she had a grand entrance to make.  She grabbed her Spectrapolish from the counter.   On first glance it looked like an old fashion hand mirror, a dusty one at that.  She immediately wiped the dust from the mirror with a quick brush of her shirt sleeve.  As she powered it on the wand ejected from the handle of the mirror.   The first reflection on the screen was her as she looked right now.  With a soft glance to the right the mirror began to scroll through different hair styles and colors.  Giving her a real time view of exactly how it would look.  

She settled on a brilliant teal color with large soft curls.  To confirm she tapped the wand on her hair.  In less than 1 millisecond her style was transformed.  Gotta love that nano technology.  She winked at the “matching nails” option on the mirror and tapped the wand to her thumbnail.  Instantly her nails were a glossy teal color.   Slotting the wand in the handle of the mirror she was shown her current “as is”  reflection.  Satisfied and already over it she powered the Spectrapolish off.    

She grabbed her board and head off.